The Quiz

Take the Test of Personal Intelligence DEMO AB/C  (TOPI DEMO AB/C)

The Test of Personal Intelligence is an ability-based test; that is, people’s answers are scored against a criterion of correctness. Test-takers receive a point for every correct answer they supply.

The TOPI DEMO AB/C consists of seven items like those found on the Test of Personal Intelligence 1.2 Rf (TOPI 1.2Rf), the instrument developed and used by John D. Mayer, David Caruso & Abigail T. Panter to measure personal intelligence.

The purpose of the TOPI-DEMO is to illustrate how the measure works rather than to provide people with a good reflection of their own personal intelligence (which requires more test items than seven).

The seven-item demonstration version of the TOPI provides you with a number correct at the conclusion and a page to refer to for explanations of the right answers. To take it, use this link:

Click here to take the TOPI DEMO

Instead of taking the quiz, a few people might prefer to click through the quiz’s questions and see the correct answers for each one, but without keeping score. If you’d prefer to click through the TOPI DEMO questions without keeping score, but still to see the item-by-item explanations of the correct answers use this link:

Click through the TOPI DEMO questions without keeping score.

We are not recording data from the quiz at this time in either case.

TOPI-DEMO-AB/C Copyright © 2014, John D. Mayer, David R. Caruso & A. T. Panter