The Reasoning


The reasoning involved in personal intelligence takes on many different forms and involves many kinds of problem solving. In addition, it is motivated by an evolved need to understand ourselves and other people.

A good deal of the reasoning involved is discussed in the articles and books about personal intelligence.

The theory delineates, for example, four general areas in which we reason about personality, as indicated in the table below. These are:

  1.  identifying relevant information about personality,
  2. forming models of one’s own and others’ personalities,
  3. guiding choices with personally-relevant information
  4. systematizing plans, actions, and goals

We draw on different ways of reasoning depending upon the area in which we are trying to problem solve.


This Section of the Website

This section of the website provides examples of people who address thinking about personality in a particular way, either through artwork, lectures, or by other means.

For example, I’ve gathered some examples of songs that reflect our motivation to reason about other people in one part of this website section. I’ve also assembled some lectures that appeared on TED and elsewhere that speak to how we reason about choosing careers.

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