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Take the TOPI AB/C Below

Instructions: Answer each of the questions of the TOPI DEMO AB/C Quiz below. The quiz has seven items and takes a few minutes to complete. After you answer a question, click “Show Answer” to see the correct response. A green check mark will appear to the right of the correct alternative. At the same time, a “Next” button will appear to take you to the next question.

01. A person is straightforward and modest. Most likely, she also could be described as:


02. A person likes the people in his book club and their selection of books, and his general schedule and activities haven’t changed, but he is attending the club meetings less and less. The most likely reason is that the person:


03. A person is rated high on physical attractiveness. Most likely, this person could also be described:


04. A person is tactless and lacks a sense of humor. Which of the following is most likely to describe this person:


05. Which group of characteristics usually go with one another?


06. People who exhibit the trait of self-deception are likely to:


07. How could you send a message to others that you are outgoing and open-minded?



If you’d like an explanation of the answers to each of the TOPI DEMO AB/C items after you are done, click here.