Testing Program

Introduction (Updated 9 September 2014)

The test development team, John D. Mayer, David Caruso, A. T. Panter, maintain this page to communicate with researchers and others about the progress of our work with the Test of Personal Intelligence (TOPI). Our intention is to include the most current information about the TOPI, its forms, and its distribution at a given time at this web location.

The Test of Personal Intelligence (TOPI) and its Forms

The test development team has embarked on a program to develop several versions of our test that measures personal intelligence.

So far, the TOPI has been developed in three forms:

  1. the full length measure
  2. a short form called the TOPI-MINI
  3. the TOPI-DEMO A, B and AB/C—demonstration quizzes
The Full-Length Measure: The TOPI

The keystone of our test development effort is the full length Test of Personal Intelligence or TOPI. One recent version of the full length test is the TOPI 1.2. We now have administered the TOPI 1.2 Rf (the current version of the test) to over 1600 people and are studying the test items and their performance. The TOPI 1.2 Rf is still under research development in our laboratory.

As of September, 2014 we are making available the TOPI 1.4, a shortened version of the TOPI 1.2Rf for research purposes. The TOPI 1.4 is about 90 items in length and takes from 35-45 minutes for most people to take. For more information, please check the TOPI 1.4 page.

Status of the TOPI-MINI

The TOPI MINI-12 is a brief version of the full length measure and is designed for use among researchers. The TOPI MINI-12 can be used to study the relationship between personal intelligence and other variables within a group of people.

The TOPI-MINI produces a single score of overall personal intelligence. TOPI MINI-12’s reliability is insufficiently high to use for the assessment of individuals, therefore we limit its use to the study of groups of people.

If you are a researcher in psychology or a related field at a college or university and are interested in research access to the TOPI MINI, you may see the TOPI-MINI manual and apply to receive the test (which is now being distributed to research groups). To do so please go to Mayer’s personality laboratory site here.

Status of the TOPI DEMOs

The TOPI DEMO A, TOPI DEMO B, and TOPI DEMO AB/C are demonstration versions of the Test of Personal Intelligence designed to provide people with a first-hand experience of what taking the TOPI is like and to explain how the items work and how they are scored.

You can take the TOPI DEMO AB/C on this website by going to “The Quiz.”

The TOPI-DEMO A is scheduled to appear as an Ipod app as part of Scientific American Mind’s coverage of Personal Intelligence.

Several items from the TOPI-DEMO B will be reprinted in Psychology Today along with their coverage of Personal Intelligence.