The Author’s Appearances

Author Appearances
Location Date and Time Description and  Name of Program Comments
Exeter, NH Thursday, March 13th at 7PM, 2014 UNH Professor John D. Mayer shares Personal Intelligence 20-30 min. Powerpoint presentation, followed by Q & A and book signing
Manhattan, NY Sunday, March 16th at 3PM, 2014 Rubin Museum: BRAINWAVE, “The Poker Player: Vanessa Selbst + John D. Mayer” 45 min., getting to know Vanessa Selbst—using personal intelligence
Manhattan, NY Monday, March 17th, 12 noon, 2014 Talks at Google Private Event, but with plans for video on Google’s YouTube Channel
Queens, NY Saturday, March 22nd, (9 or 10:30), 2014 Emotional Intelligence in Personal Development: Professional Applications and New Directions From Emotional Intelligence to Personal Intelligence (Keynote Speaker)
Miami, FL Friday, April 11th, 10AM, 2014 Total Customer Experience, IIR USA Personal Intelligence:The Business Case (Keynote Speaker)
Manhattan, NY May 5th, 6:30-8:30PM, 2014 New York Public Library, Mid-Manhattan Branch: Personal Intelligence: The Power of Personality and How it Shapes Our Lives Lecture, Q & A, and book signing
Durham, NH June 13th, 2PM “Personal Intelligence,” University of New Hampshire Alumni Event Lecture, Q & A, and book signing
Washington, DC August 10th, 12:00-1:50PM American Psychological Association Symposium “New Frontiers in Emotion Regulation–Flexibility, Context, Cognition and Culture”; Talk: “Applying personal intelligence to the self-regulation of our emotions.” Symposium participant, Convention Center Room 154A