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I’ve blogged under the title of “The Personality Analyst” on the Psychology Today website since August 24th of 2008.

Beginning in January of 2014, I’ve uploaded a series of blogs around the idea of introducing new parts of personality. This topic has grown out of my experiences introducing emotional intelligence and personal intelligence as new mental abilities. In the series, I’ve used the two intelligences as examples more than once, and as the series continues, my writing has dealt more directly with personal intelligence.

Here are links to the relevant posts on the Psychology Today website.

~ John D. Mayer

The Links

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On Introducing Parts of Personality (with an Examples Drawn from Emotional and Personal Intelligence)

The Allure of Our Private Personality (January 21st, 2014).

The Vocabulary of the Parts of Personality (January, 27th, 2014)

Stages of Learning About a Person (February 3rd, 2014)

Finding New Parts of Personality (February 10th, 2014)

Newly Proposed Parts of Personality (February 18th, 2014)

On Personal Intelligence More Directly

Wondering if Personal Intelligence Exists (February 24th, 2014)

Using Personal Intelligence in Planning our Lives (March 3, 2011)

Personal Intelligence Inside and Out (March 11, 2014)

Emotional Intelligence…and Now Personal Intelligence? (March 18, 2014)

How Many New Intelligences Are There? (March 25th, 2014)

Check the Personality Analyst page at Psychology Today to see if there are more recent posts.

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