Research Laboratories Carrying out Related Work

A List of Research Laboratories

The laboratories listed below generated research that was especially important to me in developing the theory of personal intelligence; these labs also have an excellent presence on the web. If you are interested in visiting a few lab sites with research related to the theory, here are some of my top choices (in alphabetical order by the researcher’s name).

♦The Duckworth Lab, headed by Angela Duckworth is focused on studying grit and self control, two qualities that promote long-term effort and control over short-term influences. They regard these two qualities as particularly important contributors to success in life.

♦The Self and Social Insight Lab (SaSI), headed by David Dunning is focused on studying accuracy and error in human judgment, particularly people’s judgments about themselves and other people.

♦The HigginsLab at Columbia University. Led by E. Tory Higgins, the laboratory is focused on self-regulation and decision making.

Riverside Accuracy Project, headed by David Funder. I repeatedly refer to the work of David Funder’s laboratory at the University of California, Riverside. The Riverside Accuracy Project is all about discovering how people perceive one another and how accurately they do so.

♦ Gozlab, headed by  Samuel Gosling. Professor Gosling’s lab conducts research into the clues to personality that one can discover from such environments as their offices and bedrooms.

♦The Mind, Culture, and Society Lab at Stanford University. Headed by Hazel Markus. Among other topics, the lab examines the self and choice.

♦ Personality Lab at UNH. The present site provides the best resources for personal intelligence, but my own laboratory website at the University of New Hampshire may have additional information at times.

♦ Dan McAdams and the Foley Center for the Study of Lives. Dan McAdams studies how we understand and appreciate other people by understanding the stories people tell about themselves.

♦ Brent Roberts and the Personality Assessment and Development Lab. The present site provides the best resources for personal intelligence, but my own laboratory website at the University of New Hampshire may have additional information at times.

♦ The Personality and Social Dynamics Lab, headed by Sanjay Srivastava. He and his colleagues study self-perception, and personality stability and change.

Personality and Self-Knowledge Lab, headed by Simine Vazire. Simine Vazire and her colleagues represent another important group examining accuracy in person perception.

The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence directed by Marc Brackett and carrying on the work of the lab of Peter Salovey.

The Wilson Lab at the University of Virginia. This is where Tim Wilson and his colleagues carry out research on how we understand ourselves and, sometimes, how we change ourselves.

Research from many of the above laboratories is featured in the book, Personal Intelligence. For example, Samuel Gosling’s work is featured in Chapter 2 of the book; Dan McAdams in Chapters 3 and 7, Simine Vazire’s work in Chapter X, and David Funder’s lab’s work is credited in Chapters 1, 2 and 3. Many other researchers are credited in the running notes to the book. A few other labs above are devoted to high-quality research in personality, although their works may not directly be a part of the theory.

Associated Works from Labs Without a Web Presence

There are some other laboratories without web sites for their work. Books or articles that include their work are:

Mary McCallum and William Piper’s edited book, Psychological Mindedness.

Lee Crandall Park and Thomas Joseph Park’s chapter, “Personal Intelligence” in the above book (“Psychological Mindedness”).