Media Reports on Research Relevant to Personal Intelligence

Nonverbal Cues to Personality

♦ Consider this article (and test) from the New York Times that examined people’s (and artificial intelligence systems’) ability to recognize faces in pain.

This article (and test), on reading emotions, is an adaptation of the “Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test.” Note that although the NY Times regards this as a measure of emotions, it involves plenty of cognitive and motivational states (convinced, insisting, fantasizing, etc.), reflecting the fact that it is closer to a measure of personal intelligence than emotional intelligence.

“You had me at ‘Hello,'” courtesy of National Public Radio, examines how we form first impressions of people according to the tone, pace, and other qualities of their voices.

Assessing Personalities

♦ The New York Times has an entertaining and provocative “retro report” on how football teams go about choosing players, focusing on the 1998 N.F.L. draft pick between two players: Peyton Manning and Brian Leaf. See it here.

Haberman, C. (2014, May 4). Manning or Leaf? A lesson in intangibles. The New York Times. Retrieved from: