History of the site

The site was established on October 1st, 2013. Between that time and Mid-December the site underwent a series of substantial changes in its format and organization. By December, 18th, 2013 the site approximated its present form.

Present Activity

Through early 2014 the site continues to be regularly re-edited, reworked, and reorganized although its basic structure is in place. For that reason, you may find that at times materials have been moved and menus have been updated. Material is also still being added to the site.

During February 2014 in particular a number of additions are planned for the site, chiefly on-line supplements to the book, “Personal Intelligence.” New reviews of the book, Personal Intelligence also will be added as they appear (see “The Book” section).

Site Owner-Developer

This website is maintained by John D. Mayer, who describes the rationale and mission of the site here.

For other people named John Mayer, see John H. Mayer’s disambiguation page here.